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Initiatives such as the collection of clothing, food, medicine and much more have popped up all over social media. We believe that if we centralize our efforts we can achieve more together.

Make St. Maarten Great Again

The aim of our campaign is to help the community in St.Maarten rebuild their island after the tragic devastation of hurricane Irma. This campaign is to receive physical donations of clothing, tools, medical supplies and non perishable goods which we will ship to the island. If you would like to contribute to this cause monetarily, please do this via our Go FundMe page which will be accepting funds for the products that will be shipped to aid to families immediately or via our partners who will be accepting funds for the long term infrastructural development of the island.
More info here:

Offline is the new black to help Sint Maarten

We, Marie-Lisah and Lies, from Offline is the new Black is organizing a lottery to help rebuild St. Maarten. The raised funds will be donated to GIRO 5125.

Why? Lies's in-laws live on St. Maarten, and have thus felt the effects of hurricane Irma and see that help is really needed! It is a small island and the destruction is enormous. Without foreign aid St. Maarten will be unable to rebuild. Will you help?
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Tres Hombres Cargo Ship

Arjen van der Veen would like to get in touch with people that are hit by hurricane Irma that are in need of aid and supplies. The sailing cargo ship Tres Hombres will be in the area and could be of help in about 6 weeks time from now. He is currently investigating the possibilities of delivering aid from Europe. Any request or contacts please get in touch and drop him a personal message.



Upcoming Events

Many persons and organizations have decided to contribute by organizing various events. Here you can find a list of the events taking place.

  • Solidarity Gathering

    13 September from 5pm
    Organised by Plenipotiary of St.Maarten
    St.Maarten House, Bezuidenhoudseweg 39, Den Haag
    *Free admittance

  • Fundraising WOD Hurricane Irma

    17 September from 9am - 2pm
    Organised by CrossFit Bink
    CrossFit Bink, Brinkhorstlaan 36, 2516 BE Den Haag
    *Donation is required for participation

  • Vunzige Deuntjes voor Sint Maarten - Benefiet Avond

    17 September from

  • Benefiet concert orkaan Irma

    12 October from 7pm - 2am
    Annabel organised by Orange Grove
    Schiestraat 20, 3013 BR Rotterdam
    *Price to be announced

  • Encore Benefiet Avond

    To be announced